Quad tried to fly to the moon during autotune

Hi guys, I have a 7 inch quad that tried to fly away during autotune with loiter enabled. I had to use a motor interlock to bring it down. The quad was quite twitchy on when I initially took put it into a hover in stabilised mode. If anyone could shed some light onto what happened it would be greatly appreciated. The logs are here.

In a word ‘Vibration’

Vibration is the usual culprit in vertical flyaways.

Be sure to follow these steps if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the response. I conducted a hover test yesterday and the vibration was within the recommended limits. Do you think that this level of vibration would prohibit getting a good tune? I’m using a Kakute F7 with the foam mounted IMU, I wonder if it would also need shielding from the airflow from the props.

I was just helping another guy with this problem. If you click on my topics you’ll see a mount I posted that fixed the issue. You can also order a dampening mount from Bangood or stateside that’ll fix the issue.