Quad to penta propeller adaptation


I’d like to make a custom pentacopter with ardupilot.
Just like the quadcopter, but with an additional propeller at the center.
After search, I’ve found this link on ardupilot doc:
Also for making the motor matrix layout, I’ve found this:

Am I on the right track to make this custom drone?
Is it all it take to make it work?
It seems so easy, the software don’t need the inertia or more info about the geometry of the drone?

Also, i want to try to simulate it. I’ve seen that sitl + Gazebo + ROS could be a good solution. what do you think?
Can I make the modification to the quadcopter to simulate it only with sitl to start?

Thank you

You could try the Boost option for the central motor.
On a quad you’ll have SERVO1_FUNCTION to SERVO4_FUNCTION will be set to 33 to 36 for motor outputs. You could set SERVO5_FUNCTION to 81 for Boost throttle.


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