Quad starts in Simple mode - need log help

I need help figuring out why my quad is starting in Simple mode. I’m also puzzled why this only occurs if I power up the radio then the quad. If I power up the quad then the radio, Simple mode is off.

I’ve attached two startup logs, one for the radio on first, one for the quad on first.

I have RC7_OPTION set to 13 to switch super simple mode on/off. It’s definitely set to off when I power up the radio, and I can’t see any sign in the log that RC7 was above minimum during startup.

In the log with the radio on first, after startup is complete I toggled RC7 between the three positions and the log seems to show this is controlling simple mode correctly.

I’m running a recent 3.7 master, so maybe that explains this? It happens on a black Cube (ChiBIOS) and a KakuteF7.

quad-on-first.BIN (576 KB)
radio-on-first.BIN (536 KB)

Addendum: the SIMPLE and SUPER_SIMPLE parameters are both zero.