Quad Log File Crash Analysis


Could someone help me in log file analysis. Today we had a crash with a quad with pixhawk cube and 3.6.12 firmware. The copter was hovering at 1 m height and after few minutes all the motors turned off. When it dropped we activated the emergency motor stop switch but even after that couple of motors were still running. I have attached the log file of the flight.



Update to AC 4.0.3, it’s stable, your existing parameters will convert nicely and there’s some important fixes.

I’d say probably get up a little higher away from prop wash and ground effects. The whole time you’re flying the Baro thinks you are at a lower altitude than when you took off. GPS is not providing a good Alt reading either, again more altitude will help with that, away from clutter and multipathing.

You can see your emergency stop switch was repeatedly activated, might want to check if your switch is working correctly.

Set these to improve stability and try again at about 3 meters altitude

and probably ATC_INPUT_TC to 0.2 for a softer RC feel.

Also you could try these, some of yours were close already:

Once you fly again, post a new log file for us to check.