Quad-copter permanently tilted propellers

Hi everyone, I am working with a team which is involved in building a quadcopter that has two front propellers pointing straight downwards (like a normal quad-copter), and the two back propellers at a 30 degree angle from frame. This was done to provide some forward thrust and move the drone without having to tilt the frame.

This is not a typical tilt wing aircraft since the back motors are fixed at the 30 angle without any possibility of change in mid air.

I haven’t worked with anything like that before, so I am not entirely sure what adjustments need to be made in set up process in order to ensure smooth operation of the drone. Would be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

will probably be fine on the standard copter mixer. You will just have to set the trim so the vehicle hovers tilted back abit.

its not going to be controlled by by the remote. I plan on using programming it via dronekit (through raspberry pi running APSync) to visit certain GPS locations.

To clarify, I meant trim using AHRS_TRIM_Y for pitch, rather than transmitter trim.