Quad 250 mm crash - help with log

Hi all
I build small quad with pixracer with chibios 3.6-rc8. I calibrated esc , mag, acc , rc
Unfortunately, after the start,copter stopped responding for the throttle
It seems like throttle will be on maximum level and I cant decrease it . I hold down throtlle but quad still kept rasing and finally fell and crashed completely.
Thx in advance

You were flying in Poshold, then Loiter , both auto-throttle modes.
PID’s were/are MUCH too high, so it is unable to avoid climbing with such powerful setup as control loops overshoot as badly as they do due to bad PID’s.

You could have landed using STABILIZE mode, (manual throttle)
-which should be used in the first place on such a maiden(?) flight.

OK many thx
I have olso 650 class quadcopter and when I try start with stabilize I have a problem with altitude. It was hard to keep altitude I try to move throttle stick very gently but copter rose and fell.
So generally should I use stabilize mode in maiden fly ?

one more thing
How to configure “soft” throttle in maiden fly ? I prefer logy than to mach sensitive drone.

for UAV with way too much power, you may start out by reducing motor PWM range or MOT_SPIN_MAX to start with.
in any other case, read documentation, and stick to it.
You also started out using release candidate, which is also a no-no for new users.