QRTL instead RTL below certain altitude


Yesterday i had a battery failsafe (set for RTL) while at 1.5m altitude with my quadplane. The pixhawk switched to RTL instead of QRTL. I think I have all the parameter set correctly to avoid this issue but, can you help me to understand?

My goal is setup the system like:

  • Below 20m system is forced to perform QRTL and/or Qland
    -Above 20m system will perform normal RTL + transition + QRTL or Qland

Here is parameter file and Log. Hawk VTOL.param (22.1 KB)

Link for log file https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lENuJKbipts8xC39-g3CsnvrlQhHPBPe?usp=sharing

no one has featured the same issue?

please, no one has the same issue?

It’s apparently expected behavior and the fix is to set Q_RTL_MODE = 1. I agree that this isn’t a good solution for a variety of reasons. I think a very easy set of logic would be to use QRTL if the aircraft is in a Quad mode and plane RTL if the aircraft is in a plane mode.

I made a Git Issue, but it seems the issue is either not a priority, or not seen as an issue. I see any quadplane setup without Q_RTL_MODE = 1 (and its associated drawbacks) and any kind of RTL failsafe as a safety issue. Note that the Q_RTL_MODE fix does not help you if you wish to land or hover away from the home point. It’s not clear how this solution would work with rally points and RALLY_INCL_HOME = 0.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one with this issue