QLoiter in auxilary switch


Is there a way to configure a specific mode in auxillary switches on a quadplane? For example, I want to have 3 Position Toggle switch (A) for flight modes - Autotune, FBWA and QHover. Another auxiliary 3 Position Switch (B) for QLoiter. Switch A is possible but there seems to be no way to put QLoiter in switch B. Please help.

Yes, check here.

Hey thank you for responding

In the link you shared, the list of auxiliary functions doesnt include QLoiter mode. It just includes Loiter which I presume is a fixed wing loiter mode.

If you have an OpenTx/EdgeTX radio you could set switch B to force a specific value on your mode channel.

Hi, I see QLoiter is not supported in RCx_OPTION Auxiliary function, sorry overlooked.
This page describes how to set 6 modes with switch combinations with varoius transmitters.