QGroundControl version 3.3 available

Here is a very high level and non-exhaustive list of new features added to QGroundControl in version 3.3. Not to mention the large number of bug fixes in this release.

  • Settings
    • Local NMEA GPS device support.
    • Video Recording save settings.*
    • Parameter Editor - Searching updates as you type characters for near immediate response to searches.
    • Joystick - Android joystick support.
  • Plan
    • NEW - Structure Scan Pattern - Create a multi-layered flight pattern that captures images over vertical surfaces (polygonal or circular). Used for 3d model generation or vertical surface inspection.
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern - You can now adjust the distance from the loiter to land point by either distance or glide slope fall rate.
    • PX4 GeoFence and Rally Point support.
    • Terrain height display in lower Mission Item altitude display
  • Fly
    • Start/Stop video recording.
    • Better display of vehicle icons when connected to multiple vehicles.
    • Multi-Vehicle View supports commands which apply to all vehicles.
    • Displays vehicles reported from ADS-B sensor.
  • Analyze
    • Mavlink console - New support for communicating with Mavlink console.
    • Log Download - Moved from Menu to Analyze view.

Docs and Downloads here: http://qgroundcontrol.com


Maybe a stupid question. Is joystick for ardupilot supported on this version?

Is there any version (windows, android…) where ardupilot joystick is supported?



Yes I believe it is. You need a version of ArduPilot firmware which supports MANUAL_CONTROL which I think the newer ones do.

Hey Don,

Does Qgroundcontrol have terrain following available now for the survey missions, I have been following some of the requests on github but am still unsure if terrain following is added yet. Thanks for making a planning software that operates on all OS!!

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Not yet. But I am currently working on it. Should show up in daily builds in about a month.

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My Android version updated to 3.3 the other day. I’m liking it a lot.

What would we need to do to get Android to support loading firmware? I use a 13" tablet with a full-size USB port and it will actually power a PH2.1 from the USB port.

I think that is going to be way off in the future. Serial Port support in QGC Android is a real nightmare and currently prevents this from being possible.

I thought it might be possible since I can connect to the Pixhawk 2.1 with no problems with a USB cable.

By the way, do you decode and display each bit from a mavlink message field with display=“bitmask” attribute ?
Are you using the unit attributes to convert from SI to imperial units ?

None of that is implemented.


Any plans to allow display of more than one vehicles?


@DonLakeFlyer, since 3.2.X the main menu buttons are no more displayed, but still able to click on the area they normally should appear. using latest Windows 10 home insider preview.

Does this version support reverses for Ardurover with virtual joystick? I know this topic have been up before, but can’t find if this version support it or not.

Trying to test 3.3 a bit but it tells me it can’t download parameters from arducopter.

Using firmware 3.5.5

Mission Planner works and communicates fine with pixhawk so i guess it is not a configuration issue.

I am connecting trough udp.

Any idea?


Multiple vehicles has been supported for years now.

I think someone has figure this out already. Can you put in a GitHub Issue and then we can track down from there. You cal also try the alternate startup links which use OpenGL in different wayts.

I believe the latest versions of ArduRover support MANUAL_CONTROL message which turn means virtual joystick should work.

Can you enter a GitHub Issue and then we can try some debugging options top figure out what is going on.

Is there an explanation on how to show multiple vehicles? The only way I got to see multiple vehicles is with mission planner.


Just connect to multiple vehicles. Keeping in mind each vehicle needs a unique id.