Qgroundcontrol Seagull MapX2 configuration

Hello, let me preface this with saying I am quite new so there may be a simple answer I am missing.

I am attempting to setup a Seagull MapX2 on Qgroundcontrol for mapping operations. I have a Herelink with video stream set up but I need to setup a mapping camera as well. The camera menu in QGC for Ardupilot is missing any way to configure an aux pin on my Cube Orange to be set up as a camera trigger. But I suppose the params could be set up anyway?

Heres what the Seagull needs to trigger my camera and write the GPS data to memory:
Triggered ServoX PWM: 1800
Not-Triggered ServoX PWM: 1500
ServoX PWM when Disarmed: below 1000 (writes GPS data to memory card)

My supplier recomneded setting CAM1_XXXX params but I have no idea which AUX port this maps to or how to set it? Also what is the param to set the AUX port to lower than 1000 when disarmed. Supplier is swamped so I am reaching out for support. Thanks for your help!

PS: I am running the lastest stable versions.

I have never used those functions but if you set CAM1_TYPE to “servo” and refresh the parameters there are parameters for PWM control. Then set the AUX pin output you want to camera trigger with the SERVOx_FUNCTION parameters.

Thanks for the quick reply! That worked