QGroundControl now available in iOS App Store

QGC v3.0.1 stable build is now available in the iOS app store. Working on getting deskop OSX QGC stable builds into to store as well, stay tuned.


How do you connect your iphone to Qgroundcontrol?

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I assume you mean how do you connect your Vehicle to QGroundControl when running on an iPhone. The answer is over WiFi.

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How do I connect my vehicle to Wifi?

Thanks for the answer. Could you tell me what piece of hardware is needed? Anything specific?

I think anything with an ESP8266 will work. Some pointers here: http://dev.px4.io/hardware-pixracer.html

OK, so ist is useless for an APM 2.5. :frowning:

Sorry… my bad. I already have a Pixhawk and I would like to know if there is a particular piece of hardware I need to use to get a WiFi connection qith QGround. Thanks,

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Already answered above…

Is it possible to stream video output to the iOS-Version? For example an UPD stream or something else?

Hi Carlos,

I am using a Bluetooth serial converter wired to a 3DR radio module to connect my Android Phone to my BBBmini flight controller.


On iOS no video streaming at this point. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it in a future release. On Android video streaming works.

Tested it with a Pixracer and the ESP8266 wifi module. Works well and I especially like the configuration section. Great work!

The ESP8266 has a serial port on it. You can set it to 57600 and connect it to a APM2.5 HW if you want. It will work

mavproxy is also a solution: Copter - Telemetry - Computer with mavproxy - Wifi - SoftWare with UDP port (iOS, Android, …).
Work very well for me.

http://www.communistech.com/support/ scroll down on this page for a lot of info

Any news on that? If you ever need a tester, here he is :slight_smile:

But anyway, I’m testing the iOS version and I like it very much.


Hello, could you please add google map as map provider?

Hello there,

I am having problems connecting qgc on my iphone using a lighting/USB dongle to connect to a mRo SiK radio. I have no issues with a similar connection for a samsung tablet. I read this ( QGC on iOS connection issue · Issue #6584 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub)

Is there another way to interface with the sik radio via an iphone? Some other dongle or some way to use the iphone bluetooth or local wifi to hook up with the SiK radio?

I think this is what i need but is there something I can buy without building?

MAVLink Radio Telemetry for iOS (kouky.org)

Thank for any help.

See here:

No need to ask more than once.