QGroundcontrol can't retrieve full set ofparameter

QGroundcontrol can’t retrieve full set ofparameter after connect to plane .it can be use to upload flight plan and see the plane position etc,but the FC parameters can’t be change via QGC,we have to bring anoter laptop computer for changeing parameters ,It’s very inconvenient. the mission planner works fine with this plane.
I have create an Draft in QGC page of this forum but don’t receive any information,please go to

some one said it’s in the noisy connection,the high lost rate will indeed triger this message,but my friends have the same problem in another flight area with the same hardware,so i’m not sure if this problem is due to firware.
my hareware :minitalon,F405 wing installed arduplane3.9.9 firmware,ULRS(Ultimate long range system).
the main problem maybe is the ULRS,because if i use 3DR telemetry ,the QGC works fine,
any recommendation about this problem ?thanks

You maybe want to check that original post you linked - a lot more responses now.

Thanks paul,I have check the post link.