QGC on HereLink V1.1 - shoulder button won't do "Trigger Camera"

I have been unable to configure the shoulder button (or any other button) on my HereLink 1.1 to perform the Trigger Camera function.

This function does work on the main flight screen using the camera widget.

I can’t tell if this is a QGC bug, or if I’ve simply done something wrong in the configuration.

Comments? Suggestions? Many Thanks!

This works:

This does not work:

I’m having this same issue. Did you get it figured out?

Yes - and no.

For the benefit of others who may find this post, I’m going to provide a lengthy explanation - beyond what you’ve asked about. Thank you for your patience.

The buttons on the HereLink controller can either be assigned to send PWM on an R/C channel, or assigned to send a MavLink command over the telemetry link.

To configure a button to send PWM on an R/C channel, use the HereLink setting configuration.

To configure a button to send a MavLink command, first disable the PWM-R/C channel setting, then configure the app (Qgroundcongrol or Solex) to send a MavLink command (such as camera shutter trigger) when a specific button is pressed.

The version of Qgroundcontrol written for HereLink appears to have a bug in it - and it can’t assign MavLink commands when the shoulder button is pressed.

The alternative is to configure the HereLink so that the shoulder button sends a PWM signal on an R/C channel. It can be any available channel - but channel 7 has been used frequently for camera triggering.

To have ArduPilot respond to the PWM signal on a channel (I’ll use channel 7 as an example) you set the parameter RC7_OPTION=9 for camera trigger.

This is how I’ve done my configuration - and it works fine.

The issue with this approach in my opinion is that we are limited to the options in the RC(n)_OPTION parameter as to what functions are available for HereLink buttons. RC(n)_OPTION does allow starting a LUA script - but it doesn’t allow specifying a MavLink command.

CubePilot asserts that only flight mode changes should be done using the HereLink app functions - all other commands/controls should be done with the button assignment to R/C channels. I don’t know there reasoning - but as I understand it, they say it has to do with reliability.

I have raised the shoulder button and camera trigger issue with Cube Pilot - and they haven’t seemed to be inclined to address the bug. It took me a while to figure out that the version of Qgroundcontrol on HereLink is a custom version that was written for it. So there’s no avenue to address the bug other than having CubePilot have it fixed.