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QGC control without radio

(Peter K) #1

I am working on a ROV boat based on Navio2. While I am wating for a PPM encoder for my Turnigy 9X v2 I would like to try controlling it manually through QGC but can not find a virtual joystick/keyboard control? The ROV is link through a VLAN over LTE and seen by QGC. Has anyone tried using an on screen virtual joystick that bypass the radio calibration in QGC?

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

Virtual Joystick won’t work with ArduPilot firmware since it doesn’t support the mavlink mechanism that QGC uses for Joysticks.

(Kikislater) #3

So PX4 firmware is needed ?

(DonLakeFlyer) #4

For that specific feature, yes

(mocart) #5

is there any way to requiest this feature to be implemented in ArduPilot firmware ?