QAV250 serious vibration,need help!

After take-off serious vibration, motor heating is serious, do not know what is the problem? Can someone help me?

Moto: sunnysky R2205 KV2300
Flight control :Omnibus F4 Pro
ESC: XRotor HLHeli-s 30A
Battery: Tattu 4S 1550mAH 45c
Mount: hard Mount(no soft-mount)
FirmWare Version:3.7.0 (723.4 KB)

You need to do some research on setting up arducopter on a small drone. It doesn’t look like you’ve done any tuning at all.

Your PID’s are not right for a small copter. Your filters are not right. Don’t ever hard mount an arducopter FC.
You need to increase your gyro filter frequency. (maybe 80)
Increase your D term filters for pitch and roll. (maybe 40)
Decrease your P term to about .04
Decrease your D term to about .0015
That will probably get you in the air…
There are plenty of archived and active threads on the topic, so I’m not going to retype the long list of other things to try. Use the search.

I’ve tried to adjust P to 0.02 and D to 0, but there’s little effect.
I will try to soft mount FC,Thanks!

The filter settings as wicked1 suggested are critical. You won’t get it stable w/o addressing those.