Pxfmini to navio 2

Hi I bought a pxfmini + rpi0 to build a drone 2 or so years ago. Was totally new to this hobby. Spent about a year on and off trying to get it to work. Could never get it to pick up a radio signal. Bought two different rc controllers and upgraded to an rpi3. Long story short I could only conclude the pxfmini was bad (the company bailed on their product all together too. No docs/support).
Was looking into getting a navio 2 but wanted some opinions first. Any advice before I dive in?

Good day,
you can look for the autopilots by MRobotics… and after this you can integrate it with a raspberry. If you are looking an fc for a professional drone you can look for the mRo control zero… and mro x2.1-777. Both work pretty well… good redundancy… CAN BUS port…etc., both can provide you the flexibility you need.
They provide a professional support for all the info you need.

The problem is to build an updated system with real time kernel and the correct ArduPilot firmware.

You can look here to get a rough idea on how I did it a few years ago Building an autopilot from scratch using a RaspBerryPi Zero : Mini Zee


I was actually hoping the OS i got for the pxfmini would be adaptable for the nav.
But I’ll take a look. I did start this project because I wanted to better understand Linux OS. And making my own custom OS may be a better way to start.

I’m still contemplating whether I want to salvage the pxfmini. If I can bypass the radio receiver the rest of the board works fine.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look.
My main goal is to build a drone that can be used as a camera platform. Hopefully I’ll be able to connect it to a VR set.