PX4FLOW Optical Flow Camera Board Overview

hello guys,
I’m trying to get the altitude back using the soanr built into PX4flow,
I use as OcPoc zynq mini hardware,
when I activate the sensor with mission planner, I connect the flight controller with the mission planner,

I can’t even get opt_m_x, opt_m_y and opt_qua in the status list
someone can help me please !!!

This is a good guide (obviously not completely up to date, but you should be able to extrapolate): https://www.lambdrive.com/depot/Robotics/Controller/Firmware/ArduPilot/OpticalFlow.html

As stated in the wiki http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-px4flow-overview.html

‘‘Although the sensor has plus a built-in Maxbotix LZ-EZ4 sonar to measure height, this has not been reliable enough over a range of surfaces in testing, so its readings are not used and instead a separate Range Finder…’’

I reapeat, you need a separate Range Finder connected to Flight Controler to make PX4FLOW working. And if you type PX4FLOW in the search box on this forum, you will see this issue being adressed many times… :slight_smile: Good Luck

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