PX4FLOW Flow_X and Flow_Y no signal

Hello guys
I’m having a strange problem on a new PX4flow sensor I got. I have successfully installed a px4flow before, but this time, the OF.Flow_X and Flow_y are flat lines, while the BOdy_X and body_y are normal. The sensor is connected via i2c to Pixhawk 2.4.8 running AC 3.6; the sensor is powered separately from the power distribution board, and focused through mission planner. I have flashed the latest firmware using Q ground control and mission planner. I have tried different flight controllers, as well as a virgin PX4flow unit, however I keep on getting this issue. Has anyone encountered this before? any way to fix it? Thanks a lot!

Have you flashed priseborough klt firmware (dec 2014) as per wiki?

Hello @ppoirier
Yes I have, and I reflashed it again. Now the problem comes up ones every 4 or 5 restarts… but it still happens… I played around with different ways of supplying power to the flight controller and the px4flow sensor, same thing. it seems very randomized… It’s very strange, no?

Looks like a marginal unit :frowning:

Yes you are right. The unit wasn’t working very well. A new unit resolved the problem!

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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