PX4Flow don't work

Try adding pullup resistors (2k) between sda-vcc and sck-vcc, it might resolve the problem

for lidar or optical flow ?

On each I2C bus , if they are on different bus, you need to add pull ups on both.
Do you have the schematic of the OcPoc ? We could check if they have implemented pullups on board.

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Hello @ppoirier
you are right,
firstly there was an error in the datasheet by following them, there were 2 cables reversed (SDA, SCL) using an oscilloscope I fixed the problem
then there is also the current that is insufficient, I drive the Lidar with 5 flight, it walks without bug (there is 10 cm more in each measurement, adjusting RNGFND_OFFSET I solved the problem)
and for i2c buses I think they are pullup ports because I get reasonable data


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