PX4Flow and Pixhawk 2 (Cube)

I’ve gone through so many posts and have tried connecting the PX4flow module to the Pixhawk in different configurations with no favorable results. These have included connecting the module through the GPS1 port and through the I2C 2 port. I’ve also tried every possible number (0-7) for each of the ports for FLOW_ADDR. The best I’ve been able to do so far is to get an initial reading that freezes when I have the module connected through I2C 2 port and FLOW_ADDR. Changing any of the former causes the Bad Flow message.

I’m running out of ideas and would greatly appreciate any guidance on this.

How is your px4flow powered? What rangefinder (lidar) are you using, are you getting good lidar data? Can you verify a common ground between the lidar, px4flow, and the pixhawk?

The px4flow is powered through the ports (in the best case, the i2c 2 port). It came with some wires that I used for the I2C 2 port. The gps 1 port I did myself but I also believe is correct (also getting power though the port).I don’t have a lidar on board as I didn’t think that was necessary. The module itself does come with the sonar but I believe that it doesn’t get used from what I’ve read. Thank you for looking into this

First: you must install a separate LIDAR rangfinder to have the px4flow work.

Second: The power supply from the i2c port or any other port is generally not adequate to power the px4flow or the new Lidar you will need. A separate independent BEC is highly recommended.

Third: Make sure the ground wires for the px4flow, Lidar rangfinder, and pixhawk are attached to create a “common ground.”

You will see in the past postings in the support forums these issues come up often. IMHO, you will not have satisfactory results ,or any results, until each of the above issues has been resolved.

I saw your question on Gitter. Check the firmware on the PX4Flow. Some of them come with firmware made for PX4. In my experience, this can give you the “initial reading that freezes” symptom. QGroundControl can update the firmware to the appropriate version.

And as Hquarter said, you will need a rangefinder to use it for navigation-enabled modes. FlowHold mode can be used without a rangefinder, but it is experimental and doesn’t actually help with navigation.

Hi, Im working in the same issue, and the I2C 1 from the GPS did the trick. May be its too late, but for the next person who do this, update the Px4flow firmware via USB and modify a cable to use the I2C 1 from the GPS connector, set flow_type to 1 and should work.