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PX4 FLOW driver for Windows 10

(Conrad) #1

I have got my new Pixhawk unit two weeks ago and spent a few hours on 3 separate computers in the house to try and get it to connect via USB cable. I used multiple cables, powered the Pixhawk direct from the USB port, powered it from an external lab power supply (12.0v, pulling 0.2A), I tried this on two separate Windows 10 PC’s…to no avail. I followed this procedure exactly:

However when I connected the Pixhawk via USB (after I installed the Mission Planner software as well as the USB drivers), I don’t recall the exact error but it would list it as a USB device that was unrecognised. So I tried to manually update the drivers with the PX4 Flow as shown in that tutorial, all I’d get is a USB to Serial A…B…C…D option and nothing that would be PX4 Flow. So I tried every option listed and always got a small exclamation mark in the Device Manager window and it’d never list a COM port.

After struggling with this on two PC’s, one being a laptop that I plan on using MavLink on, I thought to try it on a Windows 7 machine. Plug it in via USB with the same 12v external power supply, once connected the device shows as a COM port…and is shown as PX4 Flow. I can’t believe it. So is there an actual Windows 10 driver that works with the Pixhawk? As I’d like to have a single laptop (Windows 10) that can fully control, monitor and update my automated boat and not have to rely on a Windows 7 machine that is in my garage at home.

(ppoirier) #2

Just to let you know that I am working to simplify this painful process

(Conrad) #3


I have kept that Windows 7 PC unupgraded for instances like this and I’m sure glad I did! Now the new Rover firmware is out so I’ll be off to the Windows 7 machine to upgrade it again!

(ppoirier) #4

In the meantime, using the px4 drivers
and QGroundControl for flashing (under firmware - custom) works fine on Windows10

(Mike Boland) #5

Is there any update on this?

I have a Pixhawk4 and I am getting the exact same issue as described here.
I tried your link for the px4flow driver but it is broken.

QGC and MP do not load a driver, and APMP does not recognise the board so will not load a firmware.
The PH4 apparently comes pre-loaded with the PX4 FW but I want to load Ardupilot.

(ppoirier) #6

Hello Mike,
I think this page moved here:
And I have read about the Pix4 here :