PX4 firmware upgrade with MP and QGC impossible

I have a Radiolink Mini Pix V1.0 , installed from factory with the firmware Arducopter 3.5.3 , and I wish to upgrade it to the lastest official version 3.6.10 (which give me all satisfaction on a Pixhawk quad).
But , if I can connect it and show the factory settings with Mission Planner 1.3.68 and QGroundControl 3.5.4 , I cannot upgrade it.
QGC indicates correctly in a yellow box that 3.5.3 is not running a stable firmware and that the last is 3.6.10. Clicking Firmware , unplugging the board and then re-plug it , it is recognized as PX4 FMU V2; I choose Ardupilot Flight Stack but the box remain empty . No choice offered. With Advanced settings and Standard version stable , I receive Connected to bootloader version 5 Board ID 3 Flash size 1032192 and “unable to find specified firmware download location”. Upgrade cancelled.
MP and Install firmware suggests me Copter 3.6.10 official Quad, detects the board as a px4v4 , but after unplug and replug ,returns the message Error: Firmware not suitable for this board.
Could you help me please . Thanks.

Seems like whatever bootloader they’re shipping with isn’t helping you out.
I’d suggest downloading the .apj from here: http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/mini-pix/
Then flash custom firmware
Once you’ve got the firmware on, hit Ctrl-F and click update bootloader

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Thank you very much James. It’s working now .

Thanks a lot. It also worked for me.

-3.5.7 -> 3.6.10.
-For whatever the reasons:
*Interchange SERIAL1<>SERIAL2.
*Battery voltage divider 2.