PWM settings problem?

Little background for related cube setup (v3.6.7):
Radio setup for let it be one chanell “9” . After radio calibration RC9 set (min 980, middle1500,max2006). I want to set SERVO9(sets min1100,max1900) for this RC channel setting up SERVO9_Function to RCIN9 (59).
Channel works with the servo but…
PROBLEM description
When I change settings RC9 or SERVO9 min max or even reverse - Nothing change. Always on servo output is value stored from radio calibration moment even if I change RC9 min,max,rev parameters.
Always is on ch9out and ch9in min 980, middle1500,max2006
Is there any magic function to get it works ? or it is CHIBIOS problem ( if I remember this works on NUTX or just older fw ver. )

Will be glad for any light on this :slight_smile:

Could someone check if it’s works ? I do not have spare Cube :frowning:

setting the output function to RC9 is direct pass-through so it behaves just as it would if it were plugged directly into the receiver.

There is option pass-through (1) I know that, but want to know if it is bug or not.
Maybe someone can describe how this sets of settings works together RCX>servoX function(RCXIN)>servoX(settings)

pass through option (1) is the same as setting servo9 to rc in 9. Just using the rc numbers you can pass though whatever input to whatever servo output you like.

OK, and as I understend correctly settings for servoX(min,max,rev) is off - same for RC_X settings ?

yeah, all that stuff it taken from the input channel, so you will have to set it up on your transmitter.

Thanks, for clarification. Just wonder for what reason min,max,rev,trim exist in ServoX and RX- on plane FW it works as servo travel, limits …