PWM/PDM to Analog converter


I am at the final stages of completing a rover and looking for a PWM to analog converter.

I bought one from Amazon (see enclosed) but at the lowest PWM signal its only giving out 0.5V and at max PWM just goes up to 1.23V. I am using a standard Futaba receiver as my PWM source.

What I need is PWM to Analog converter that will go from 1V to 4V at max PWM. This will be used to control the throttle.

Has anyone used any PWM to Analog converters that actually work, and where you can define the low PWM signal to 1V and max to 4V. The analog voltage increment can be any interval.

Thanks for your help.

Do you have an url or datasheet of your converter?

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Here is the amazon link.

Kuuleyn Frequency to Voltage Converter Module,1-3KHZ 0-10V PWM Signal to Voltage Converter Module Digital Analog Board

Maybe the reason this one is not working its probably designed for PLC systems and RC systems only give out 50Hz. Not sure. I did try to increase the out put voltage using the onboard potentiometer but max Ic an get out is 1.222V at max PWM. So the voltage is varying between 0.56V to 1.22V only.

I am using a standard Futaba receiver as my PWM source.

I came across few other products but don’t want purchase few and then get stuck with them.

Here is another one I saw on the net.

And one more on Amazon

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I just sent an email to this company. They seem to have quality boards. I like the fact they have optical Isolation which is brilliant.

[quote=“UAVSkies, post:3, topic:101476”]
Maybe the reason this one is not working its probably designed for PLC systems and RC systems only give out 50Hz.
[/quote] You’ve answered your own question right there.

The one from Astroflight looks like the correct one regarding desired specs. What type of speedcontroller needs an analog input voltage? Why not a standard ESC for Brushed motors? Cheap and ready for PWM input.


Its a giant rover. I will post a blog when its ready. It has its own Brushless motor and controller (similar to an electric bike).

Thanks for your help. Let me order another one. I don’t think Astroflight is programmable. I think Autanautomation is the right one. I am waiting on them to reply to my email.

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Perhaps this is a cheap way of testing stuff. I think it has the requirements you’re looking for:


Awesome!. I will order few.

By the way do we have to worry about Analog voltage feedback (ripple) coming from the brushless motor? I am assuming the speed controller has some kind of insulator built it in. Currently I use a manual potentiometer to control speed (throttle) which I am replacing with PWM to analog module to control speed via PixHawk, once it goes autonomous.

That’s why I was more interested in Shop – TUTAN Automation as they are using optical insulator. Thoughts?

This is the monster I am working on. its an automated fertilizer, wed control, grass seeding machine I am designing.

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None of these will work, received a reply from both companies. So the Ali express one might be the one. Now I have to wait till they arrive. Shipping is so slow with AliExpress. Oh well.

PWM <> duty cycle (0-100%).
What you get from a Futaba receiver is PDM (mostly pulses 1000-2000μs at 50Hz (20ms), so in terms of PWM 5-10% (not true in old analog systems because of the sync pulse)).

An Arduino reading the timing of the PWM or PDM signal and a DAC would be simple and do the job.


Thanks but do not want to use an Arduino. Looking for fixed board pre programmed to convert PWM/PDM to analog voltage converter.

@HansHansHans Hi, received the product today and it worked perfectly!

Its one neat little device. Thanks for your help.


This $5 device worked perfectly

I convert an ebike analog controller to pwm with an arduino but this looks an easier way.

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Yes, less headache to deal with as its plug and play. Takes RC receiver signal and gives you 0 to +5V and level of accuracy is perfect and its linear incremental.

Plus it has three independent channels.


how did u connect it? For me this doesnt work. Or its very sharp from pwm 1000 to 1010 is 0-5V.
I need it to be 800- 2200.

I have tested all of these and i wouldn’t like to add andruino boards.