Programming an autonomous drone

Hi, I’m new to this and want to work on drone programming. I know Python . What resources should I monitor and what should I do ?

Hey Ann,
I’m new to this too. I know it sounds obvious but, I know a few things that should be done first is. “Buy a Copter”. That’s where I currently am at. I’m using this website to search for the optimal copter to buy. I’ve developed on a Texas Instruments CC3220SF microcontroller before and it ain’t fun. The reason why I think it was so difficult was because, the CC3220SF Texas Instruments board had very little documentation. Therefore, since I too am new and, since no one has responded to you yet, I will say, Research here: and look at the copters that are listed. First get the Hardware if you already haven’t and try your best to get hardware that has tons of documentation. I’m used to hardware being in C/C++ so that might answer your question although, Python wouldn’t surprise me if it were on this forum. I am a software engineer and most code I write for hardware is in C or C++. It isn’t too too difficult to learn since you know python. Any questions?

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If you haven’t already found this site I would suggest starting here

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Hello Stan,
First of all, thank you for your response. I know I asked my question without detail, and I apologize for that. I built a quadcopter.(pixhawk and other tracks on F450 frame…) I want the Quad to do autonomous flight with image processing using raspberry pi 3b+, and I will use python for that. I learned the OpenCV algorithms and set an algorithm for autonomous flight in my mind. My main problem is how to connect pixhawk with raspberry pi via mavlink, and where to learn pixhawk motion commands.


Hello Mike,
Thanks for response . i will review :smile: