Problems with the internal compass

Hi all!
I have several agricultural drones that I use to till fields. We use CubeOrange and everything was fine, but now we switched to Kore Carrier Board and CubeOrange and the noise on the internal compass has increased a lot. We solved this problem by disabling the internal compass (
COMPASS_USE3=0) and installed 2 external Cuav and RM3100. After installation, I did a compass motor calibration and the result showed interference 20. When I fly smoothly everything is fine, but with rapid movements the drone starts to spin along the “Y” axis. After studying the flight log, I noticed jumps in the magnetic field on the internal compass. I think that turning off the internal compass in software is not enough and it still affects the flight. Maybe someone knows how to completely turn off the internal compass, or remove its sensitivity so that it does not take part during the flight?

Post a link to the flight log. And use Magfit to calibrate the compass and generate the compass motor offsets.