Problems with matek pdb-hex

Hi. I’m using a matek h743 v2 flight controller along with pdb hex 12s and I’m having trouble measuring the current reading. i connected curr and vbat outputs on pdb hex 12s to vbat2 and curr2 on h743 wing v2 inputs. further, in the settings for batt_2 in the ardupilot, I set the following values ​​\u200b\u200b(from the tables of the matek official website) batt2_volt_pin 18, batt2_volt_mult 21.0, batt2_curr_pin 7, batt2_amp_pervlt 80. The voltage is displayed correctly, and the current readings all the time in the 1 / 1.4 range change a little, but this is not the correct value . even if you turn on the engine and set the throttle to 100%, the current reading does not change. it does not display true values. ardupilot version 4.16 stable. I will be glad for any help.