Problems with land

Hi, how are you?
I operate drone shows, (autonomous drones) and I recently had some problems that I haven’t had before, I wanted to see if anyone could help me with the possible problem.
Usually when a drone had a problem, it would spin aimlessly, and end up falling out of flight space.
However, on the last flight I took, 8 drones lowered gently, without losing their way, they just landed normally.
An assumption is that the signal on the day of the flight was weak, and the paths didn’t load completely, but I don’t think that’s the problem with the 8 drones that forcibly landed.
I tried to find some fault in the logs, but apparently I didn’t identify any problems.
Could someone help me or indicate why the drones land correctly, and when they don’t, what’s the difference when they go out of control when identifying a failure?


Post one or more .bin files