Problems with compass and vibrations

Hi all!
I have several agricultural drones that I use to till fields. We used CubeOrange and everything was fine, but now we have switched to Kore Carrier Board and CubeOrange. Interference with the internal compass has increased significantly. I discovered this by doing compass motor calibration, result interference = 3080. We solved this problem by disabling the internal compass driver (COMPASS_TYPEMASK) + turning off the software (COMPASS_USE3=0). After that I installed two external Cuav and RM3100. After installation, I did a compass motor calibration and the result showed 33 interference. When I’m flying smoothly everything is fine, but when I’m moving fast the drone starts spinning around the “Y” axis. The message “Selection disabled” also appears. I can’t figure out what the problem is. I will be grateful for your help.
I’ll leave the flight log.