Problems with APM 2.8

Hello my friends, I have a few questions. I’m new to this, I hope you can help me.

  1. I installed my GPS module on the APM, but I can see no GPS data in the mission planner application (it says “GPS: No GPS” on the screen)

  2. I have a Wifi 2.0 telemetry module. I connected to the wifi on my computer and I have no problems so far. But I can’t connect in mission planner. No matter which port or baundrate I try, it doesn’t connect.

I’m attaching photos of the module I received, I hope there is someone who can help me!

Hello Eray,
You might want to try APM Planner 2:

It works great with my APM flight controlers.


Hello, thank you for your help. However, I’m wondering about something, shouldn’t I install the ArduPlane module in Ardupilot?

When I come to the install software section in APM Planner 2, I don’t see anything.

I’m new to Ardupilot so I apologize in advance if I say something stupid.

I see an article with some codes for GPS, honestly when I read it I didn’t understand anything about what I should do. I don’t see my GPS module listed on that page.
When I bought it as a set from Aliexpress, it came with the name “M8N GPS” and there is no brand written on it.

Get rid of the APM and get something that is supported. You can get an omnibus f4 off ali express for $18. You won’t get much help as no one here has used an APM for almost 10 years.

Someone on youtube done a video recently on how to set an APM. almost none of the ardupilot documentation is relevant to the APM any more, the hardware is very old and based on a 8bit CPU, it doesn’t support a lot of flightmodes and almost no other features other than just flying.

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To be frank, this APM is a product that I bought 2 years ago and have never taken out of my wardrobe until now. I live in Turkey and such electronic products are really expensive. Due to the taxation system, the card you suggested to me costs 60 dollars.
When I bought APM, I didn’t realize it was such an old card.

Again, thank you very much for your help!

A small update;

Most versions of Mission Planner run very poorly with APM2.8. You get a different error in almost every version. For example, I’m having connection problems on 1.3.45.
I’m having GPS problems on 1.3.50
Can’t connect to Telemetry in 1.3.62

Based on this, I downloaded and deleted many versions during the day and this work took me approximately 12 hours. But I found it to be the least problematic.
The 1.3.66.msi version (it also creates different problems when you install it as a zip) is the stable version.

I have now installed and calibrated the Arduplane software on my APM2.8 board. I still have problems with GPS. I will go to an open area during the day and test again. I hope the GPS works properly.

If anyone can help with GPS that would be great!
Ardupilot’s GPS article and many other articles are beyond awful. Even though I read it 10 times, I can’t understand anything.

APM 2.8 is from the year 2015.
You need to get a Mission Planner from 2015 for them to understand each other.

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Currently working almost perfectly with mission planner V1.3.66!
I’ve tried 12 different mission planner versions and the best for APM2.8 is V1.3.66. I’m currently in the most desolate and open area in my city. It works fine on GPS. My advice to those who get the “GPS: No GPS” error is to first test it in an open area.

I have done all the calibrations, I will take a flight soon and enjoy it. I hope I was able to help those who use this antique!

The full documentation for APM Planner 2 is on the website. Here is the link to the page for using it to install firmware:

It works great with my APM’s.