Problems Calibrating Radio

Hi , Trying to sort out my first build … i have ArduCopter V 3.6.11 and trying to set up my TX ( Frsky X9D plus with RX8R pro rx … I have the Holybro Pix4 with PM07 power board . I have done compass settings . but when i get to the Radio calibration . The sliders do not corresponed to my joysticks … example when i move my throttle . the roll slider moves on the screen . Yaw is fine … pitch on TX = throttle on screen . Roll on Tx = Pitch on screen …
I have the throttle on left stick and same stick uses yaw ( which is o.k) right stick up/dn =throttle slider … left /right same stick = pitch … Anybody care to give me a step by step on how to sort out please

. this is what i need . Thank you

@ChrisKz welcome to the Ardupilot board! you’ll find lots of help here

from your description it seems that your radio is set to “Mode 1” when what you want is “Mode 2”, per this from open tx university

  • Mode determines which sticks move which controls on the airplane. The vast majority of RC pilots use either Mode 1 or Mode 2. Click on Mode and change the values. You can see on the display how the controls assigned to the sticks change. Most pilots in Europe fly with versity Mode 1 (Elevator and Rudder on the left stick and Throttle and Aileron on the right stick), while most US pilots prefer Mode 2 (Rudder and Throttle on the left stick and Aileron and Elevator on the right stick). Mode 3 and 4 are available, but I never heard of anyone using them. Mode 3 reverses the stick assignments of Mode 2, and Mode 4 reverses the assignments of Mode 1. Pick the Mode you prefer and when done press EXIT.

also, if you aren’t already familiar with it, open tx university is a great beginner “how to” resource (it really helped me!)

it is set to mode 2 … but for some reason the MP sofware changes it . the only correct movement is the yaw on left stick . i have tried to reasign . and has made no difference

AETR on the Taranis?

Start Taranis. Longpress on Menu, then “+” to get to the bottom of the page.
It should read:

Default channel order AETR
2 Rud Thr Ele Ail

It is set to mode 2 R T E A … in the mission planner the left stick has throttle and yaw ( rudder) correct… but the right stick the up/dn axis somehow controls the roll slider and the l/r contrpls the pitch ( elevator).

I am building a quad , am I right in thinking the yaw should be on the left stick with throttle ?

I need to switch the settings on the right stick so that the Ele (Pitch) should be on the up/dn axis and Ail ( Roll) should be on the L/R axis .

I appreciate the help … so nearly there , just need this sorted so i can move to next step . Thank you

Navigate to the INPUTS page and verify that the inputs are in fact Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Rudder. Then go to the MIXERS page and do the same thing.

What version of OpenTX are you running?


running version 2.2.4 Open Tx

according to the Channel monitor page…

Left stick … ch3 = throttle

left stick … ch4 = Rudder/.yaw

right stick … ch1.=Ele

right stick … ch2…Ail … these 2 need to be switched with each other to correspond with FP

On D9X radio set up page … i am in mode 2 R,T,E,A

Now above that the default is R,T,E,A

Ele and Ail , need to be swapped with each other

I didn’t say anything about the Channel Monitor page, but Oh Well…
Your Stick Mode (Mode 2 RTEA) is correct.

IN THE RADIO SETUP Page 1, set RX channel ord to AETR.

IN COMPANION > Settings > Radio Profile Tab , set the DEFAULT channel order to AETR.

Delete the model, calibrate the sticks, create a new model, VERIFY THE CHANNEL ORDER IN INPUTS AND MIXERS, bind the receiver to the radio, and then calibrate the radio in Mission Planner.

Many Thanks … Sorted … your a star :+1:

Not a problem.

Glad you have it sorted.

Thank you … now i have problems trying to calibrate ESC’s // will see if i can find a you tube vid … Just so different to when i used to fly RC 40+ years ago … it was so much easier back then