Problem with zoom to function in map tool menu

Hello everybody,
I have this problem since month, i try with diffrents computer, with differents os, i tried a lot of things but always the same thing, i don’t understand why this problem here.

why it was working before and now not possible?

i found this topic but that 's no help me…

sorry for my language…

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It seems the function does not work since Google made its api which support it pay-only, (same for Bing and other providers as well)

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hello Andras, and what i have to do to have this service? need to pay or add an additionnal app?

It is not so easy, you have to buy an API key (actually a subscription) and make a custom build of Mission Planner with that key…

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i found these two videos to create for free an API key for GMap, i can see a key for Geocodind gmap in the exemple list. i would try with this but if i understood well i have to add this key in a custom build of mission planner.

API key for free

Is it difficult, perhaps some users have done it or are, as me, in the same case. It will be more easier to prepare mission at home using zoom to function… now i search and move the maps in the plan menu and it’s not easy.

so the way i have to take is here?

mp building

Hold a little, I’ll check it and if it works I’ll add a Pull request to Mission Planner, which enables to enter your own api key.

thank you for your help Andras

OK, pull request created. Hope @Michael_Oborne will merge it soon.

Edit: LOL it seems while I tested it, Michael enabled the billing for the API key used in Mission Planner. Anyway I think it is a good idea to have possibility have own API key…

ok great and concretely, if i well understand, now we will he a request in mission planner to buy an api key? it will be automatic? this will work in the future release?

Normally the built in API key will work you don’t have to pay for it or anything.
BUT in case you have a special need, or for some reason the built in keys stops working, you can get your own key (just like in the videos) and set that key to use (create a GoogleApiKey entry in the config file)
If you check out, ZoomTo should work right now, without any changes…

i just test but not working, need i download and reinstall mp? how can it be work without any update? i have to modify config.xml with lines you create in my pc?

it’s ok, thank you! cool to have this function!