Problem with the « zoom to » tool

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the « zoom to » tool : when I try to zoom in to a place, this error message appears : « Google Maps Geocoder can’t find : ‘Perth Airport, Australia’, reason : Unknow ». I have upgraded the newest version and I try with differents maps (Google, Bing…) I still have this problem…

Do you have an idea of how to proceed to zoom to on a map ?

It seems google started to get greedy. This is the answer MP got from GoogleMap provider:

> <GeocodeResponse>
> <status>REQUEST_DENIED</status>
> <error_message>
> You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more at
> </error_message>
> </GeocodeResponse>

OpenStreetmap seems to be also blocking MP requests :frowning: