Problem with radio link

This is not a 3.6 problem, but as I’m testing with it… :grin:
I have a strange problem with getting parameters over the radio link. I have tried both Mission Planner and QGC, and the behavior is the same. My radios connect to each other Ok (green led is steady), windows recognizes the radio, and when I click on connect in MP I can see that the connection is established as I get the messages from the quad, as flight mode, GPS position etc.
The problem is that neither MP or QGC can’t get the parameters. MP says its getting the parameters forever, QGC says waiting for the vehicle…
I updated the firmware on both radios thru MP to the latest version, tried Mavlink 1 and 2, tried other serial ports, the behavior is the same, stuck on param load.
The onboard radio survived a crash some time ago (the plastic antenna housing was broken).
Could it be the reason?
Any hints would be welcome

I have same problem. but my problem is happend QGC .
Mp no problem.

Probably the anntenna connector is broken, and the radio can not send data. Try moving the radios real close to each other.

I had a similar problem a couple years ago… It was right when the PixRacer was released and not fully supported, and I was sure it was an issue w/ the code and that FC… The parameters would load, but very slowly.
Everything appeared to work w/ that radio. I could update the firmware and change settings. The telemetry signal was always good. But I eventually crashed and broke that radio. The next one worked great… just the same as my other copters.

SO, it was something w/ the radio. It’s definitely possible the radio got damaged in a crash.

If it happens only on bench testing try to lower TX power on both ends

Using Crossfire for radio and mavlink comunications and have exactly same problem on ly on QGC, Mission Planner works as expected. If i setup crossfire to setup ports as serials to transport mavlink than the parameters on QGC always end up with an error.


Based on what you wrote it seems to me that it is a radio/or antenna problem. I was optimistic about the radio not been damaged as I got good reception on the 1 meter test, was able to see both radios in MP, and MP never complained about the connection…
C’est la vie, will have to order a new one (or a pair)…
Thx for your (and others) fast reply anyway!