Problem with Quadcopter to Fly Higher than 10cm

HI im having problem with my quadcopter. The problem is the drone dont be able to fly more than 10cm from ground. This is my first time in building DIY drone. I really need you guys help.
Eventho there’s no other load in my drone it wont be able to fly higher

IM using ;
F450 frame
Pixhawk 2.4.8
2200kV brushless motor
11.1v 2200mAh battery
Transmitter FlySky
Reveiver Flysky fs-ia6b

can someone suggest me what should i do with it

What prop size?
Also grab the latest .bin log file off the memory card and save it to a filesharing service (dropbox, onedrive …) and post a link to it.
2200kv motors sounds a bit suspicious.

As @xfacta requested, a .bin file is necessary for any analysis of what is happening.

But glaringly 2200kV motors on 3S in a 450 frame does not sound like a flying combination.
5” to 6” props max, which is not going to give enough thrust for a 450.

hi xfacta thanks for replying.

im using 1045 props

how much battery voltage and current should i need?

Voltage and current is not the problem. If the motors you have are 2200kV they are the wrong motors for a 450 size quad. Which actual motors are they?

Hi, is it possible you mistakenly mentioned the 2212 model motors which are 920kv?
2200kv with 10 inch props shall burn the motors