Problem with prearm Rc12/13/14/15/16 minimum is greater than trim

I build a copter with a kakute F7
I have made radio calibration /compass/accelerometer

It shows me this problem
The firmware is dev 3.7

Rc12/13/14/15/16 minimum is greater than trim

Your transmitter isn’t calibrating those channels for some reason…
Mine did this recently, too. I manually set the limits for those channels… 1000-1500-2000. It works.

So I change which value on tellemetry page?

You set that in the arducopter config.
In the RC**_MIN RC**_TRIM RC**_MAX parameters.

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Thank you very much!!!

Out of curiosity what channels are you using and what transmitter are you using?

Have you updated Mission Planner to the latest Beta version?
I am pretty sure that was fixed.
As said above, you can go in and manually set the values.
Had the same thing happen to me.

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I correct it manually

I have updated mission planner but didn’t make any new calibration to check if problem removed