Problem With I2C Oled display with beta 3.8


I’m using bbbmini and i2c oled display (generic 0.96" like this one developed by @mirkix, until the previous versions - Copter 3.4 and Plane 3.7.1 eveything is working fine, but in beta (ArduPlane V3.8.0beta5 (75f74459) and arducopter the oled display is not showing anything.

there is no error on the console - the display are correctly detected(i2cdetect) at i2c bus @ address 3c.



Have you set the display type parameter?

I was looking at parameters and I found it.
In my case was the ssd1306 type and now is working.

Hi all,

The NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE parameter doesn’t appear in arducopter 4.2.3 (Appear if I load saved parameters from previous version)

Have you got the same issue ?