Problem with connection between pixhawk 4 and Raspberry Pi 4

Hello, I want to connect Raspberry Pi4 to the pixhawk4
The problem is power.
As shown in the figure, I connected between the PM07 power management board, which is connected to pixhawk 4 and the Raspberry Pi and I supplied power to the drone, but the Raspberry Pi is not powered on.
What did I do wrong?

Have you measured the voltage coming into the Raspberry Pi?

Even we were encountering the same issue with Pi
The supply was not sufficient for the pi board from the PDB (5V - 3A).
Need to use modules like these

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Oh, I’m a beginner, so I didn’t even think of the basics. When I measured the voltage with a multimeter, I couldn’t get 5v. I think the 5vout terminal is broken for unknown reasons. Thank you

Yes, me too. I measured the voltage using a multimeter and got that result. Can I connect the voltage of the module from the main power source of the drone?

PDB to 5V module, 5V module to Pi
Will work fine