Problem with apm 2.6 in loiter and rtl

Hi guys i am new to the forum.I am having problems with my apm 2.6,in stablised mode the my quadcopter flies fine,but when i put it into loiter or rtl it starts drifting away from me,Could anyone shead some light on my problem,also i had 8 sats2017-01-20 14-28-03.bin (897.7 KB)

The log file you’ve provided isn’t much use as many parameters needed to do proper analysis are omitted (IMU which monitors vibrations, RCOut which monitors motor health, Compass which monitors the compass health). Change the logging levels to include those and it should be more helpful.

Read this: Loiter Mode, this: Measuring Vibration and this: Vibration Damping.

If you do not have the APM mounted on a Vibration Damper, get one…