Problem w/ 3.7 flash logging - lost parameters

I’ve booted my copter to find reset/default parameters a few times now. Each time it has happened my 16 meg flash happened to be full, and the files corrupted. Not sure if it’s related, but it would make sense that around the time it fills the logs is about the time it loses its settings.

Running the latest (as of yesterday) 3.7 with flash logging enabled. Omnibus nano.

It definitely successfully writes logs… I’ve been downloading and reviewing them.
But then I find my settings reset, and my logs look like this:

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@wicked1, thanks for the report. It certainly sounds possible. I’ll raise it on the next dev call.

I didn’t mention it, but this same FC worked fine on 3.6. So the settings getting cleared is a 3.7 thing. I’m not positive it’s related to the flash memory, but seems likely. I am running an October copy of 3.7 on another omnibus nano, and it is fine, too.