Problem Update Drotek 3 Pro ( RC opt empty)

I wanted to update my Drotek 3 Pro flight controller with the new version of arducopter 4.0.

But once installed I no longer have access to RC7 to RC10 boxes are all empty ?

Thank you for your help

Update Mission planner.

I have the last version of the mission planner after it’s this is version beta.

Do I have to go through a beta version mandatory ?

Try latest beta. Usually everything is updated in that.

Ok, but is it safe to use a Beta version?

Otherwise I will wait for a stable version.

Mission Planner and ArduPilot software do not provide any wanraties. Not on the beta and not on the stable.

You have to be the one to decide. No one can take that decision for you. But if the stable does not work …

Us the Full Parameters List if you don’t want to use Beta.

We use the PH 3 Pro in our commercial helicopters, but we do not use Mission Planner - QGroundControl 4.0 which does not have a problem with this, and no need to run a “beta” to have the proper settings.

The reason those are no longer there is because they were moved the RC Channel object in Copter 4.0. They used to be CHx_OPT, they are now RCx_OPTION.

Not even sure why that was done. But it was. And that’s why they don’t work with an older version of the ground stations. The name of the parameter changed to add to end-user confusion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This post could help you

Thank you, I’ll test and I’ll tell you if it works or not .

Thanks to everyone it works perfectly with the latest version of Mission Planner.