RTL assignment to CH7 and 8

Arducopter 4.02
Mission Planner 1.3.70

Documentation suggests that functions like RTL can be assigned with a drop down in Extended tuning to channels 7 to 12. Previously this was available in the same way but only to Ch7 and 8.
However in the Extended tuning page, the drop down boxes are present but unpopulated. There is the option to add the function in the full parameter list, but no values have been published to show what number entered corresponds to what function.
Anyone have any insight here?
Really need to get this sorted for safety reasons!

update mission planner and look in the (i think) user actions tab (or similar) in the setup. If you cant find that the params are RC7_OPTION and RC8_OPTION in the full list.

Thanks Peter, we have found the parameters in the full list, but there is no guidance (we can see) as to what value to enter for a particular switch function (notes section is blank). We need an RTL switch. Any ideas?

updating mission planner will probability also populate the descriptions

RTL is 4

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Thanks, very helpful! We’ll see if it works!