Problem sync with ESC

This is my first build

Maybe those ESC’s don’t like the Oneshot protocol you have configured.

in the technical document, it must be use oneshot protocol

OK yes, I see. I don’t think it will help with your problem but they recommend Output PWM max as 1940 and you have 1900.

Ok, now there’s some weird ESCs. Seems like they are actually opto-isolated on the input wire, and you have to feed them 5V (or 6V) to power the LED in the opto-isolator. That’s a whole can of worms in itself, before looking at ESC behaviour and possibility of desync.

Now, are you experiencing desyncs with props on or off ?

Yes i did it but the same problem, i trying to callibrate the ESC directly with min and max thr (1100 1940) but is the same.

Prop off, this esc is opto, i m trying to put 5v with a simple arduino ( i dont have BEC) But dosnt resolve the prob.

other detail : after desync of ESC, when i desarmed, the ESC re-callibrate automaticly

from the log, i see there is difference between RCIN and RCOUT, is it Normal please ?

Don’t get confused,
RC IN C3 - Throttle input to FC from Transmitter
RCOUT C3- requested PWM to MOTOR 3 from FC

OK thank you, i was switched to QGroundConroler and it work fine, i will test tomorrow the fly.