Problem setting up Radio

Hello everybody,

I have a problem during Radio Calibration of my quadcopter : bars aren’t appearing and aren’t moving. The transmitter and the receiver are paired (I checked it several times). Everything is powered correctly.
I’m using
Turnigy 9XR Pro,
EzUFH RX 8Ch. Lite,
Pixhawk autopilot
I’m runing Mission Planner 1.3.49

I’ve tried to look for answers already but didn’t find anything.


Is the RX connected to pixhaw ? Does the RX talk the protocol that the ArduCopter expects ?

Rx was well connected. I guess the protocol was the problem. I managed to fix the issue.
For anyone interested :
Using ImmersionToolRc i set up the channel 1 output to PPM Muxed; plug the pixhawk to channel 1 and the issue was fixed