Problem - Guided Mode with Rangefinder

Hi guys,

maybe you can help me with this problem/questions.
Is it possible to use a rangefinder for the altitude in guided mode?
On the Rangefinders (landing page) I found this

Downward facing rangefinders are automatically used in flight modes which have height control, such as Altitude Hold, Loiter and PosHold Mode. The data from the sensor will be used until you exceed RNGFNDx_MAX_CM , after that it switches to the barometer.

But when I go into the Guided-Mode the alt-value still shows off the barometer value. Will this change to the rangefinder value if it works or do you have to look manually which one is used at the moment.
I just cannot find anything about this topic.

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@SirSundays has this been solved? i’m experiencing the same