Problem Connecting Controller to APM

So I am currently extremely lost on this problem I am currently having with connecting my FS-I6B to my APM. So I binded my Rx to my Tx via another drone and then connected my receiver to my APM via servo M to F cables and then F to F jumper cables. But when I plug in my battery with the connectors and all, the APM doesn’t turn on. I am wondering why that happens and how I can successfully connect my receiver to my transmitter to the APM?

Pictures illustrating the setup can be found here: (

These links might help

@mboland So from what I can tell, I’m guessing I need a separate battery to power the radio, is that correct?

And, if so, how would I power it, meaning what power source could I use that would connect to the servo pins and give at least 5 Volts?

The FC usually gets its power from your battery module.
Get yourself a uBEC to power the servo rail.
On your FC there is a row of pins marked ‘input’.
This is where you’re Rx wires should be connected.
Your photo shows them connected the Aux ports.

Ok, so what I need to do is the following:
Connect my Rx wires to the “input” section of the FC and use a uBEC to power the servo rail.

Is that right, and if so what uBEC would I get, I see a lot of different types (SBEC, different ampages, different voltages, etc.), I believe I only need 5V but I could be wrong, so which type would you believe I should use?

The type of BEC is not critical other than taking into account the power you will need drive your servos.
What will your servos be driving?
Add a bit for headroom and safety.