Priority of flight mode channels

Flight modes can be changed via flight mode channel (normally channel 5) and via Channel 7 to 12.
How is the priority handled?
For example I noticed that if channel 5 is set to Acro and Channel 10 to RTL,
flight mode is not changed to RTL.

It is the reception of a Flight mode change that triggers the flight mode.
eg: if you power it up and it is in Acro, any change of stock switch position to active will change the flight mode.
Flight mode won’t change to RTL unless you toggle the switch high and have a good GPS position.

This should be a matter of last-one-in-wins, with a re-poll of the actual
mode switch when an auxillary function channel is de-asserted.

Graph channel 10 and make sure it goes above the assertion threshold value
(1800 pwm)

thanks for the answers.