Preventing mission planner to "read" mission data (flight plan)


I have a scenario where I want to plan a mission though mission planner but prevent it from reading the waypoints back. This is a securtiy related case where, in the event of crash, an un-authorized user is not able to read the mission back by pressing “read” from mission planner.

I can think of several ways but not clear.

  1. Where is the mission data saved when we “write” the flight plan? on sd card or internal eeprom?

  2. What is the sequence? Does the flight controller read mission data from sd card first, uploading to eeprom and then execute or does it fetch directly from eeprom?

  3. can we prevent mission planner from reading data back by deleting the waypoints/mission data from internal eeprom through some scritping. So whenever the vehicle lands, the eeprom mission section is refreshed.

Need some suggestions and help.

Not without changing the firmware code.
BTW military use cases are not really in the domain of community support.

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