Preferred way to set pitch trim? (documentation is self-contradictory)

Looking at the docs, there seems to be some disagreement about the best way to set pitch trim. The info at Tuning Cruise Configuration — Plane documentation says

  • (Preferred) Add the desired degrees nose up(usually) or down to TRIM_PITCH_CD.

but if you go to the description for TRIM_PITCH_CD it says

Correct ground leveling is better than changing this parameter.

It seems to me that the most repeatable setting would be to level the body of the plane and then use TRIM_PITCH_CD, since it might be difficult to accurately angle the body a few degrees whenever calibrating it.

Notice there are options to remove TRIM_PITCH_CD from the HUD and the OSD

I think some people want the HUD to show zero pitch in cruise, while others want to see the “actual” pitch. I guess the conflicts in the docs reflect that difference of opinion.