PrecisionHawk Lancaster & Mission Planner

Hello Group,
I recently got a second hand Lancaster 5, but without the RC ground control box, so I can’t connect to Mission Planner, there is any step by step tutorial around here or alternative to create a flight plan? unfortunately the manufacturer does not bring support for that model. I saw the “start-to-finish” user guide but only refers to connect to ground control box, which I don’t have. Any info will be very helpful, Thanks a lot.

From what I’m aware of the Lancaster 5 platform, it’s a fairly proprietary system. Your best bet would be to open it up and see what hardware it even has, because I suspect it isn’t even compatible with Arduplilot firmware or Missionplanner.

Thank you James, I will, depending of what I see inside I’ll continue or not with the project, Regards.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown one of these and it brings back bad memories. In Manual Mode, it flew ok but was rather heavy by today’s standards of UAV planes. In an Automated Mission, it would always miss the landing area and land rather hard so you needed a wide open soft grass or dirt area.

For your RC ground control “box”, all you need is a 3DR telemetry radio which in now known as a SiK radio. Either a V1 or V2 will do. The important thing to remember is that if you are using Mission Planner instead of the Precision Hawk Flight Planner, you need to use an older version 1.3.35.

From here:

Mission Planner 1.3.35 is available as an alternative ground control station.
Any other version of Mission Planner is not supported by PrecisionHawk and may cause undesired results.
Download Mission Planner v1.3.35

Good luck!

Thank you very much Greg!
I’ve got everything clearer, I already installed Mission Planner 1.3.35 in my workstation (win 7) and works good. Now the next step if to choose a 3DR Telemetry radio that works with the Lancaster, (I’m thinking on a SiK radio v2) but I saw that there are 2 frequency bands versions for Sik Radios, 433MHZ and 915MHZ which will be better for this plane?
Thanks again.

You need to match the same band that is used internally on the Lancaster plane. If I had to guess, unless you are in Europe, pick the 915MHz version.


Very good, I’ll start to test with the 915MHZ version and check for a link, Thank you so much!

I, too, have recently acquired a Lancaster. It has been sitting (never used) in storage for about 4 years. It has version 3.2 of the firmware and I would like to get it to the latest version (3.15). In order to do so, I have to have at minimum version 3.4 of the firmware installed. Does anyone have version 3.4 that they could send my way? I’ve reached out to PrecisionHawk and they have just sent me to their link with the latest available version.

I appreciate any help.



Hi folks!

I have some news, finally the throttle issue has been set, the cause was a no reverse config in the channel output page and then calibrate to zero adding some negative values on the left stick. Now the plane is working fine, thanks to all for the advices, info and comments, So, the next step is to activate the telemetry with the Sik radio. I’ll continue checking during the weekend.